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An orange and white tabby cat

A Note From Butters

December 4th Weekly Newsletter

I’m sure I need no introduction but just in case we haven’t met, I am Butters, the most social barn cat in the whole Midwest. I know absolutely everything that’s going on around the Double J Riding Camp, so much so that they made me the CEO (Cat Executive Officer). I’m the purrfect feline to keep you humans up to date with what’s going on around here.

Last week was Thanksgiving and this cat is thankful for the good times spent with my friend Meru, who passed away last week. She will be missed by many riders, especially Allison and Olivia, who she loved so much. 

In much better Butters news, we had a bustling week filled with campers during Thanksgiving break. We run 2 kinds of camp here, horse camp and animal adventures camp. The kids were here from 10-3 (with available before and after care) and it seemed to me that they were having a blast! Those kids were non-stop; grooming and tacking, riding, making cool crafts, learning farm science, playing silly games and everyone met LOTS of animals (including me, when I felt like playing along).

We will have horse and animal adventure camp here during winter break, too. A really good idea for kids that get cabin fever! You can learn more about it here

Next week things get back to normal, it’s Barn Cat & Farm Dog week for Tiny Animal Adventures (18 months to 4 years) and Junior Farmers (3 years to 6 years). The kids are making pumpkin dog treats, playing herding dog games, going on scavenger hunts for mice ( I approve!) and meeting Sully, an Australian Shepherd, who also lives on the farm. I may or may not show my face so that the kids can learn about how hard I work around here.

I heard there is going to be a wreath workshop on Saturday morning, at 9 AM where humans can come and learn how to make their own wreath out of fresh greens. It sounds like exactly the kind of thing I’d like to get my paws in the middle of. 

Parents Night Out is coming up this Friday night. Human children are dropped off at the farmhouse at 6 pm, where they eat dinner, learn about animals, play games, run around and get very silly (and VERY LOUD) until their parents pick them up at at 9pm.

Kids love it. Barn cats? Not so much. I think I’ve got some mice to catch that night. 

Last thing- Santa is coming to the farm and I wouldn’t miss the opportunity to get some of my fur on that suit for anything! Meet Santa, hear a story, do a craft and meet some of my animal friends on December 13th or 15th. I don’t want to miss it and I bet you won’t either. 


That’s everything happening at Double J this week. 


This is Butters, signing off!