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Riding Girl Scout Badges

Each outing includes a badge for every Girl Scout!

At Double J we love helping Girl Scouts explore their interests and achieve their goals! We offer a number of fun and hands-on riding or non-riding badge workshop options to suit your troop's needs!

Horse Badge Outings

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Double J Riding Club badge.
Horseback Riding Badge
Girls scout with a horse.

During this 2 hour outing the scouts will learn all the four basic items they will need to know about horses in a fun environment!

Safety: the Scouts will receive a barn safety lesson and learn how to lead a horse
Communication: discussion on animal communication and seeing how horses communicate first hand
Anatomy: Go over basic horse anatomy
Nutrition: learn what horses eat while making and feeding horse treats
Care: learning how to properly groom and tack a horse
Horseback Riding: a 30 minute group horse lesson where the scouts will learn how to steer, stand up, post, trot, and do an obstacle course on horseback

Price: $50 per scout (minimum of 5 scouts or $250)

Day Camp: Upgrade to a 5 hour day camp includes everything plus longer riding lesson, lunch break where the scouts will watch a horse film while eating, and a fun horse craft! $90 per Scout

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Bridging Ceremony
Daisy to Cadette
A built bridge.

Have an on horse bridging ceremony with your Scout troop! Double J Riding Club has a real bridge that we use for our bridging ceremonies. This hour and a half ceremony includes a full outdoor animal meet and greet, on horse bridging portion where each scout will walk a full lap around our outdoor track and over our bridge on horseback, and 30 minutes in our party room. Feel free to set up any decorations for photos. Our party room is located in our beautiful screened in tent that overlooks the property. Seating is available for up to 35 people. Leaders have access to our party room space at 10:30 am. Bridging Ceremonies run April-October on Saturdays and Sundays from 11 am- 12:30 pm.

Price: $25 per Scout (minimum of 10 Scouts or $250)


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Common Questions and answers


  1. How do you reserve a Girl Scout Riding Badge?
    1. Riding Badges can be reserved on Saturday and Sunday afternoons from the first weekend of April till the last weekend of November. To book an outing please click on the link above and follow the steps to reserve a date. Please give us a call or email with any questions.
    2. Timing for Riding Badge Outings are always determined by the maximum number of scouts at the time of booking.
      1. Saturdays
        -2:15-5:15 (1-7 scouts)
        -2:45-4:45 (8-14 scouts)
        -3:15-5:15 (15-21 scouts)
        -3:45-5:45 (22-28 scouts)
        -2:30-4:30 (1-14 scouts)
  2. How do I reserve a Bridging Ceremony?
    1. Bridging Ceremonies can be booked on Saturday and Sundays from 11 am - 12 :30 pm from first weekend of April till the last weekend of November. Please note the riding of the Bridging Ceremony is full outside with no roof. It is a true weather permitting outing and can be rescheduled with poor weather. We will not be able to run the outing if there is heavy rain or lightning.
  3. How many scouts can you accommodate per outing?
    1. There is no maximum for bridging ceremonies. For Riding Badges we can have up to 28 scouts on Saturdays and 14 scouts on Sundays. We do have a minimum of 5 scouts or the payment of 5 per outing. Siblings and leaders are welcome to join in as long as they are 6 and above. Please let us know ahead of time if adults will be participating so that we can have the appropriate saddles and horses.
  4. Can I change my number of scouts after I book the outing?
    1. Yes, we will send an email out the week prior to get the final head count for your outing. Please make sure when you book you note the maximum number of riders that will be participating. We can always go down in number up to 48 hours prior to the event but it is very hard and sometimes impossible for us to increase numbers. If you know ahead of time that there may be a number increase please contact us immediately. We require the final head count and list of scouts 48 hours ahead of time.
  5. What do the scouts need to bring and wear for the outing?
    1. We recommend scouts bringing a water bottle or drink and a snack for the outing. They must wear long pants and a boot with a heel. Rubber Rain Boots, Hiking Boots, Snow Boots, Leather Fall Boots, Cowgirl Boots are all acceptable. We do have boots on site for those that do not have one to borrow during the riding time. Please then wear gym shoes for the remainder of the outing.
  6. Do we provide helmets?
    1. Yes, we provide helmets at no additional charge for all participants. All riders must wear an ASTM certified helmet during the riding portion. Outside helmets will not be allowed unless that are a certified riding helmet no more than 5 years old.
  7. Do participants need to sign a waiver before arriving?
    1. Yes all participants will need to sign our e-waiver before arriving. We require all troops to send us first and last names of participants 48 hour prior to the outing so that we can check waivers ahead of time. This will help to make sure that the outing starts on time.
  8. When should scouts arrive for the outing and where should they meet?
    1. All scouts can park at the top of the hill on the left side of the road along the white fence. This will be across from the blue/grey farmhouse which will be on the right side of the street. We recommend all scouts arriving 15 minutes prior to the outing start time as the activities will begin right at the start of the outing. If scouts are late to arrive we will have to shorten the activities as we cannot run over.
  9. When is payment due?
    1. To reserve the date payment of $250 for Riding Badges and $200 for Bridging Ceremonies are required by reserving on the Sawyer Link above. The remaining balance if owed is due by check, cash or credit/debit card when you arrive prior to the start of the outing. Please note there is a 3% service charge for all credit card transactions.
  10. Can we tip our outing lead?
    1. We do take pride in customer service and tips are always accepted for our party leads. You can tip by cash or add it to your credit card transaction.
  11. Do we include a Girl Scout Badge for our outings?
    1. All riding outings include our custom Double J Riding Club badge. You can view what it looks like in the picture above. We do not provide badges for Bridging Ceremonies but they can be purchased for $3 per badge if interested.
  12. Could we book a Bridging Ceremony and/or Party Room Add On after a Riding Badge?
    1. Yes, please select the add-ons when you book through the above link. Each add on increases the outing by 30 minutes.
  13. When should we reserve a date?
    1. To guarantee a date please reserve as soon as you can as we do typically book up 3-6 months ahead of time. Spring and Fall are our most popular times and can book up quickly.
  14. How many adults are required to stay?
    1. We require one adult per troop to remain on site during the outing. We have a maximum of 2 adults per scout per outing.