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Educational Farm

Whether you are coming to Double J Riding Club for one of our Early Childhood Enrichment classes, a homeschool class, after school Horsemanship Class or a Farm Outing, education is our top priority.  Our classrooms take place both indoors and outdoors and provide a unique environment to learn about animals, plants, and ecology through interacting with them rather than just reading about them.  We emphasize fostering a child’s intellectual, social, physical, and emotional growth using our farm and small animals, gardens, and nature.

Between farming classes, animal classes, and others, your child can receive a well-rounded education while having a ball with our animals. Our instructors incorporate science, STEM, sustainability, art, animal therapy, animal care, and other valuable fields. They love what they do and are highly qualified to do it.

A Girl and a Cow

Farm School Prepares Kids for the Future

Head to our home school page to learn about all the different courses offered through Double J Riding Club.

School is more fun at a farm. Contact the Double J crew to enroll your child.