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Non-Riding Girl Scout Outings

At Double J we love helping Girl Scouts explore their interests and achieve their goals! We offer a number of fun and hands-on riding or non-riding badge workshop options to suit your troop's needs!

Double J Riding Club badge.

Badge Workshops

Badge Workshops are a great opportunity to meet and learn with other troops! Workshops are open to all troops on a first come, first serve basis.

Organizing and reserving your troop's Badge Workshop is easy!

We provide everything your Girl Scout needs to earn their badge! Simply contact us to reserve the date and time for your workshop.

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Bookings are made year round for Saturday and Sundays at 11 am. If you need a different time please contact us!

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All About Horses
All Ages

During this 1.5 hour outing the scouts will learn all about horsemanship!

Safety: the Scouts will receive a barn safety lesson and learn how to lead a horse
Communication: discussion on animal communication and seeing how horses communicate first hand
Nutrition: learn what horses eat while making and feeding horse treats
Care: learning how to properly groom and tack a horse

**Please note this activity does not include riding. Check out our riding badges at or you can add a lead line riding component to this activity. 

$25.00/ Girl Scout (Minimum of 10 girls or $250.00)

Cheer for Animal Badge

Throughout this 2 hour badge your troop will work on elements of the 5 Flowers, 4 Stories, 3 Cheers for Animals Journey. In this Journey, Girl Scout Daisies will learn to care for animals and for themselves, use their new knowledge and creativity to teach others how to care for animals and gain courage and confidence in teaching others about animal care. Daisies will learn all about some amazing adaptations from our Farmhouse full of animals, including hedgehogs, guinea pigs, serama chickens, pet rats, tortoises, chinchillas, blue tongue skink, rabbits, lizards, axolotls, snakes, zebra finches and more. Scouts will compare the animal adaptations to devices humans have created to mimic their strengths. Daisies will then learn to relax by doing some fun animal yoga.

$25.00 Per Girl Scout (Minimum of 10 girls or $250.00)

Pets Badge
Holding a bunny in it's cage.

During this 2 hour outing Girl Scouts will earn their Brownie Pets Badge by learning about types of pets, selecting a pet, and aspects of pet care, health, budget and nutrition.

This outing will teach Girl Scouts what they should know about owning and caring for a pet. Activities include a discussion on the basic requirements of pets, pet nutrition, pet health and safety, and communication.

Each girl will also make their own pet budget, and experience maintaining an animal's environment. first hand as they work up close with all of Double J Riding Club's farmhouse pets.

$25.00/ Girl Scout (Minimum of 10 girls or $250.00)

Bugs Badge

Come learn all about how bugs help us in lots of cool ways in a 2 hour Bugs Badge Workshop! Did you know worms can help us reduce waste and make super soil for plants to grow in? Come check out our working worm farm and learn about how worms have been to space and can even sniff out diseases! Girl Scouts will then have a meet and greet with all Double J's happy bugs as they learn about the benefits bugs bring to our environment. Then head out on a outdoor bug hunt and help build Double J Riding Club's massive Bug Hotel. Scouts will design and create their own bug house to take home. Scouts will also learn all about pollinators and about different patterns of butterfly wings.

$25.00/Girl Scout (Minimum of 10 girls or $250.00) 

Outdoor Adventure

Outdoor Adventure Badge Workshop will get scouts exploring and having fun in the great outdoors. Scouts will begin their badge workshop with adventuring into Double J Riding Club's nature center as they go on a scavenger hunt. Then scouts will help our native birds by making homemade bird feeders. Afterwards scouts will have a ball playing some of Double J Riding Club's favorite outdoor games including but not limited to; pool noodle sheep herding, blow up horse racing, obstacle courses and more!

$25.00/ Girl Scout (Minimum of 10 girls or $250.00)


During this two hour badge clinic, Scouts will learn awesome facts about animal senses while testing their own sense of hearing, smell, sight and touch. Scouts with then have a up close meet and greet with Double J's animals as they learn all about their amazing animal adaptations surrounding their senses. Afterwards scouts will put all their senses to the test as they go on an outdoor scavenger hunt around the farm. 

$25.00 (Minimum of 10 or $250)

Household Elf Badge

During this 2 hour badge, Scouts will learn all about how to save energy and water while making their very own goal sheet. Learn how easy and beneficial it is to compost and recycle. Visit Double J Riding Club's compost garden and then make an all natural cleaner and air fresher to take home and use at their own house.

$25.00/ Girl Scout (Minimum of 10 girls or $250.00)

Home Scientist

Get energized during this badge as we learn all about fun experiments with animal themes. Scouts will learn all about amazing animal adaptation, then complete a science experiment to learn more about that adaptation and then meet and greet with the animal. Scouts will work out loud through the scientific method as they predict and discuss their observations. You will be a master scientist after participating in this badge. 

$25.00 Per Girl Scout (Minimum of 10 girls or $250.00) 

Farm Painting

Get inspired to create some fabulous art projects while using tools made from items around the farm. Create your own horse or rooster masterpiece to showcase at your home. A full outdoor farm tour will be included in this badge as scouts gather their supplies. 

$25.00 (Minimum 10 or $250)


Become a Jr. Detective by practicing your powers of observation. First Investigate animal tracks and teeth. Then head on a scavenger hunt throughout the farm, meeting live animals to help Sheldon our 50 year old African Spurred Tortoise solve a mystery.

$25.00/ Girl Scout (Minimum of 10 girls or $250.00)

Animal Habitats Badge

During this 2 hour outing, Girl Scouts will find out all about wild animals in the Midwest as they earn their Junior Animal Habitats Badge!

Scouts will learn about several native and non native animal habitats, investigate ways humans interact with animals, and how humans impact their habitats. Scouts will also explore how animals adapt to changes in their habitats, endangered animals, and ways we can help!

Each Girl will create her own animal habitat.

$25.00 Per Girl Scout (Minimum of 10 girls or $250.00)

Garden Badge

During this two hour badge clinic, Scouts will visit our garden, Learn about hardiness zones and what can be planted in Northern Illinois, what bugs help/ hurt our gardens and how, experiment with seeds, help in our garden and top off their experience designing a beautiful take home fairy garden.

$25.00 (Minimum 10 or $250)

Flowers Badge
Pink and white flowers.

During this 2 hour badge clinic, Girl Scouts will uncover the science and symbolism of flowers. go on a flower scavenger hunt, learn about what bugs help/ hurt our flowers and how, discuss pollinators, find out how flowers help people and top off their experience painting a beautiful flower pot to take home with flower seeds.

$25.00/ Girl Scout (Minimum of 10 girls or $250.00)

Animal Helpers Badge

Animals have always provided clothing and transportation for humans, but today they are trained to do so much more! Animals help people with disabilities, help find people who are lost, and even discover tumors! Of course they also offer us companionship and sheer joy!

During this 2 hour badge outing we take a look at how animals help humans. Girl Scouts will explore the connection between humans & animals, find out how animals help keep people safe, how animals help people emotionally, how animals help people with disabilities ,and take a look at how animals are going to help people in the future

$25.00/ Girl Scout (Minimum of 10 girls or $250.00)

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