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Junior half-day Camps

Junior Half-Day Summer Camp

Ages 3-7
$130 for 3-day week

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

9:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Best. Summer. Ever.

At Double J’s “Junior Half-Day Camp” kids will have fun while they learn about Farm Animals, Zoology, Art in Nature, Horses, and Plants. Each session offers different activities that are based on the weekly theme. Activities include garden work, games, cooking, crafts, science activities, and (of course) lots of animal interaction! Weather permitting, this camp includes a one-time pony ride.


This 3-day, 2.5-hour day camp is filled with everything an animal and nature lover would dream of!

Campers should bring their own snack every day and plenty to drink.


Check below for weekly themes:

2022 Week-Long Summer Camp Themes and Dates

Junior Farmers – Week of June 7th-9th and July 12th-14th

Looking to put on your overalls and play with the animals?  Join us at the Double J’s barnyard!  Meet our goats, sheep, pigs, chickens, ducks, rabbits, donkeys, and more as you experience life on the farm.  The week will be filled with fun interactive hands-on activities sure to please your animal-loving child!


Junior Pony Patrol – Week of June 14th-16th and July 19th-21st

Is there a “horse crazy” child in your family?  Then gallop on down to join our Pony Patrol as we learn all about how to groom, feed and care for the Double J ponies.  Guaranteed to be a “whinny-good time”!!


Junior Nature Artists – Week of June 21st-23rd and July 26th-28th

Calling all young artists!  Come explore creative ways to make art from nature!   Campers will draw inspiration from the animals and plants at Double J as they learn about drawing, colors, painting, and much more.  Best of all, campers will have a lot of interaction with the animals that live on our farm.


Junior Zookeepers –Week of June 28th-30th and August 2nd-4th

Every day is a new adventure in the life of a Junior Zookeeper!  Campers will enjoy educational activities as they learn about ecosystems, habitats, and animal adaptations as they get up close and personal with our furry, feathered, and scaly crew.  Slither, hop, or fly on over for some Zookeeper fun!!


Junior Gardeners – Week of July 5th-7th and August 9th-11th

What goes into growing and cooking for our animals?  Our garden area is overflowing with wonderful plant life.  Get down and dirty as we dig into the dirt to learn about composting and our wiggly worms, meet our pollinators and make some tasty treats for the animals.  Grab your gardening gloves and come on over!

What Animals Can You Find At Our Farm?

Horses, Donkey, Goats, Sheep, Pigs, Miniature Zebu Cows, Chickens, Ducks, Mule, Dogs, Cats, African Spurred Tortoises, Bunnies, Guinea Pigs, Chinchillas, Skinny Pig, Serama Chickens, Rats, Hamster, Tree Frog, Chameleon, Bullfrog, American Toad, Gecko, Hedgehogs, Patagonian Mara, Snake, Blue Tongue Skink, Axolotls, Tegu, and More!

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