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Posts made in October 2019

Bee Week

Come out next Tuesday and Friday to learn all about BEES with our bee keeper Wally!

During this 1 hour demonstration you will learn what it takes to be a bee keeper, see part of a real hive with live bees, extract honey from the honeycombs, learn about honey wax, churn honey and sample honey from Double J’s hive.

Offered on:

Tuesday, October 8th: 10 – 11 am

Friday, October 11th: 10:30-11:30 am

$10 per person, Adults and Children Welcomed

Sign up for the class here:


Tiny Animal Adventure and Junior Farmers Bee Week: This week during our Tiny Animal Adventure and Junior Farmer’s program, our little ones will be busy bees will read a story about the life cycle of a bee, learn fun bee facts, met our bee keepers with their bees, watched the bee keepers extract honey from the hives, play a fun pollination game collecting “pollen” and bringing it back to the hive, sample honey, made an exciting bee craft, and play some bee games. Junior Farmers also have the option of adding on a riding and grooming lesson to the end of their class. Does this sound like an exciting activity for your little one? Find out more about our Tiny Animal Adventure and Junior Farmer program and other farm programs at Double J below! It’s a great week to be a Tiny Animal, no matter what the weather forecast! 

Learn More and Sign Up Here:

** Meeting bee keeper and extracting honey from hives will only take place in the Tuesday Junior Farmer and Friday Tiny Animal Adventure class