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Posts made in May 2019

2019 Summer Intermediate/ Advance Camps

2019 Summer Intermediate/ Advance Horse Camps!


Open to Intermediate and Advance Riders only. This 4 day, 5 hour long day camp is filled with everything an experience horse lover would dream of including;

  • A full 45 minute riding lesson everyday practicing different riding skills such as flatwork, obstacles, jumping, dressage and bareback
  • Gymkhana Day: Games on horseback. Riders are broken into teams and participate in games such as keyhole, relay races, flag race, egg and spoon, hot potato and musical horses
  • Hands on grooming and tacking station, where riders can groom and tack the horse they will be riding
  • Advanced horse lessons such as different horse feedings, tack, first aid, clipping, braiding, lunging, etc.
  • A variety of fun horse crafts
  • Learning parts of a horse while finger painting and bathing a horse
  • Learning how to make a riding course in jumping, western and dressage disciplines
  • Horseless Horse Show: Campers compete in horse-show divisions with just one catch: there won’t be any horses involved! Rather, campers will walk, trot, canter and jump themselves through several classes. Judges will score campers as if it was a “real” horse show, looking for correct leads at the canter, finding spots over jumps, etc.
  • Horse games, scavenger hunts and much more!

Campers bring their own snack, lunch and plenty to drink.

Weeklong Camps


Ages 8-15

11 am – 4 pm

$350 per week

Intermediate Camps

(must know how to walk, trot and canter and have taken a minimum of 3 months of weekly riding lessons)

Week 1: June 17th- June 20th

Week 2: July 29th- August 1st


Advance Camps

(must know how to walk, trot and canter in a group setting and be going over jumps in weekly lessons)

Week 1: June 24th- June 27th

Week 2: August 5th- August 8th


A Few Things to Keep In Mind:

  • Please make sure your child qualifies before registering for an intermediate or advance camp. If you register for an inappropriate level camp we will contact you and unregister your child.
  • Due to staffing commitments there are no refunds after 14 days prior to camp start date
  • Camps will be limited to 6 riders per week
  • Camps fill quickly, so register early!
  • Sorry no makeups for missed days
  • Please, drive slowly through our neighborhood, children are at play
  • Before and After Care is available beginning at 8 am and ending at 5 pm

Introducing Teddy Bear, Our New Miniature Pony!

Introducing the newest member on our farm, Teddy Bear! We adopted this little guy a few weeks ago and he has been settling in nicely to his new home. He plays well with others and has a super fun personality. This handsome pony enjoys eating horse biscuits and carrots, which compliment his round figure. Give him a big hello the next time you are here on the farm!

Benefits of Visiting Double J Farm

Double J Farm is a mecca of activities for the entire family and animal lovers of all ages! We have so much going on here for our little farmers to see and get their hands dirty with to keep everyone entertained. The beauty of having our farm located just outside of Chicago means we are a quick drive away, but far enough from the big-city noise and traffic to feel like a mini oasis out here in the Western Suburbs.

There are so many benefits for bringing your family to Double J Farm, but here are a few of our favorites!

It creates an authentic connection between the two-dimensional books you read to your kiddos and real life.

Meeting a real life sheep or pig brings the stories you read to your little ones to life for them. By visiting the animals here on the farm, each child is exposed to new vocabulary and information that expands their comprehension of the world. While meeting face to face with a sheep or a pig, they learn about their habitats and unique, survival adaptations- which helps to cement that knowledge into their growing minds, helping to build their cognitive skills that they will use throughout life.

A farm is a sensory factory for little eyes, noses, and ears.

Research shows that the first five years of life are the most crucial for a child’s cognitive development. With all the animals on the farm, there is a plethora of noises, textures, and smells to stimulate children’s ever-curious minds. During our early childhood programs, such as Jr. Farmers or Parents and Tots, we encourage our little farmers to interact with our animals and build a connection with them; which boost their level of comfort coming into contact with new things. As they grow older, our Horse and Animal Adventure camps create even more opportunities for them to learn and grow even more confident in their own abilities.

Inspires children to be protectors of animals and the environment.

Each season on the farm brings about new opportunities for children to encounter what we call “the farm life.” From picking fruits and vegetables in our garden during the Summer months to animal encounters all year round, we offer educational activities that encourage healthy development and a sense of responsibility of being good caretakers of our animals and the environment. We learn about composting, recycling, and how to be good stewards of our world so that everyone can enjoy it.

These are just a few of the benefits of exposing children from an early age to life on our farm, and there are so many more great reasons to visit. Come see for yourself! Everyone is welcome at Double J Farm, so join us as we embark on a new adventure every day!