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Online Girl Scout Workshops

Girl Scout Online Workshops:

Join us on Zoom for online girl scout workshop badges! Each workshop is 1 hour long and is priced at $5 per scout (5 person minimum). Contact us at to schedule an online workshop today!



-Animal Adventure-

Throughout this online badge your troop will work on elements of the 5 Flowers, 4 Stories, 3 Cheers for Animals Journey. In this Journey, Girl Scout Daisies will learn to care for animals and for themselves, use their new knowledge and creativity to teach others how to care for animals and gain courage and confidence in teaching others about animal care. Daisies will learn about our Farmhouse full of pets, including hedgehogs, guinea pigs, serama chickens, pet rats, tortoises, chinchillas, blue tongue skink, rabbits, lizards, axolotls, snakes, zebra finches and more. Daisies will then learn to relax by doing some fun animal yoga. 




This outing will teach Girl Scouts what they should know about owning and caring for a pet. Activities include a discussion on the basic requirements of pets, pet nutrition, pet health and safety, and communication. Each scout will also make their own pet budget. Brownies will learn about our Farmhouse full of pets, including hedgehogs, guinea pigs, serama chickens, pet rats, tortoises, chinchillas, blue tongue skink, rabbits, lizards, axolotls, snakes, zebra finches and more.



Come learn all about how bugs help us in lots of cool ways in a 1 hour Bugs Badge Workshop! Did you know worms can help us reduce waste and make super soil for plants to grow in? Come check out our working worm farm and learn about how worms have been to space and can even sniff out diseases! Girl Scouts will have an online meet and greet with all Double J’s happy bugs. They will also learn about different patterns of butterfly wings and design their own. 

              Materials Needed: Color Pencils 

-Farm Painting-

Get inspired to create a fabulous art project while using tools other than paint brushes. Our inhouse artist will work step by step with each scout on how to create a beautiful reverse horse or rooster painting to showcase in their home. 

             Materials Needed: Printer Paper, Pencil, Sharpie, Paint (any colors work), Q-tips, Picture Frame                            (8×10 preferred)

            Optional Materials: Sponge, Feather, Stick, Cotton Ball, Toilet Paper Tube


-Home Scientist-

Participate in some incredible experiments during this one hour workshop. Scouts will learn all about the scientific method while creating different experiments with us online from home. 

            Materials Needed: Vinegar, Baking Soda, Corn or Spaghetti Pasta, Egg, Water, Salt 

            Optional Materials: Food Coloring


-Household Elf-

Learn all about how to save energy and water while making your very own goal sheet. Learn how easy and beneficial it is to compost and recycle. Make an all natural cleaner to use to clean your house. 

           Materials Needed: Vinegar, Water, Lemon or Orange Rind, Rosemary Sprigs, Spray Bottle or                                                Mason Jar



-Animal Habitats-

Visit different animal habitats around the farm from home while learning just what each animal needs to be healthy, safe and comfortable. Learn all about animal classification and endangered species. Work together to figure out the best ways to clean up an oil spill.

           Materials Needed: Bowl or Pan, Water, Oil (Any kind of cooking oil)



Have fun with plants! In this workshop we will explore the Double J garden from home, learn how worms make gardens happen, step back into history as we learn about victory gardens, and learn basic garden care. Scouts will work together to design their dream garden based on our hardiness zone. 



Travel on a virtual tour around Double J to learn all about different flowers throughout the farm. Learn all about the different parts of a flower and how flowers can be healers. Learn about the flower root system through a fun science experiment. Send letters to each other using the language of flowers. 



Learn all about the history of the camera and see a variety of different cameras and lenses through this online workshop. Scouts will learn exactly how to set up a camera and helpful photography tips in order to take the best photo. 

           Materials Needed: Digital Camera Recommended but not Needed



-Animal Helpers-

Explore the farm from home while discussing the various connections between animals and humans. Learn about how people’s feelings about certain animal species have changed over time, see amazing animal adaptations up close, learn how animals can help people emotionally and physically and make predictions about how animals can help humans in the future.