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A Note From Butters


Hello! Butters the Barn Cat here, speaking on behalf of the Double J Riding Club, on account of the fact that no one knows more about what’s going on around here better than I do. I’m so knowledgeable about every aspect of this farm that I taught a portion of our home school equine science class last week. (BTW, it’s never too late to register for any of home school classes for a prorated tuition).

We have a fun fairy garden workshop coming up on January 25th from 10-noon. Each participant will create their own tiny world to take home (while enjoying light snacks and beverages) and finish up the event with a farm tour. Register now, spots are limited. The link to sign up is below.

Join us for horse or animal adventure camp on on President’s Day, February 17th, from 10-3 (with available before and after care). If they have half as much fun as they did in camp this Monday it will be a real hoot! We will keep your kids engaged, get them some fresh air and exercise as well as sneaking in some education. They will love it! You can find more info below. 

Tiny Animal Adventure and Junior Farmer classes are learning all about nocturnal animals this week. Which is definitely me as I like to get a good 10 hour nap in during the day.

Parents’ Night Out is very popular here at the farm, but Parents’ Night Out on Valentine’s Day is BEYOND popular, so sign up now to ensure your kids get a spot. They will play games, meet the animals, make crafts, eat a great dinner and make new friends from 6-9pm. This event is perfect for ages 4-12 years old. I hear down the grapevine there is also one coming up this Friday, January 24th. Link below. 

This weekend I was introduced to some new furry and not so furry friends. My friends list is getting pretty large and now I can add a snake, blue tongue skink, skinny pig, rooster, rats and water turtles to the list! Stop by one of our classes and I bet you will get to meet them! Turns out the less fur they have the sweeter they get.

That’s it for me this week, until we speak again, don’t let anyone touch your belly,  

Butters the Barn Cat