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Contact our crew for booking and information. Everyone is welcome to come on down and have a great time.

2020 Summer Intermediate/ Advance Horse Camps

2020 Summer Intermediate/ Advance Horse Camps!


Open to Intermediate and Advance Riders only. This 4 day, 5 hour long day camp is filled with everything an experience horse lover would dream of including;

  • A full 45 minute riding lesson everyday practicing different riding skills such as flatwork, obstacles, jumping, and dressage.
  • Gymkhana Day: Games on horseback. Riders are broken into teams and participate in games such as keyhole, relay races, flag race, egg and spoon, hot potato and musical horses
  • Hands on grooming and tacking station, where riders can groom and tack the horse they will be riding
  • Advanced horse lessons such as different horse feedings, tack, first aid, clipping, lunging, etc.
  • Make homemade horse cookies
  • A variety of fun horse crafts
  • Learn all about Breeds and Colors
  • Learning parts of a horse while finger painting and bathing a horse
  • Horse games, scavenger hunts and much more!

Campers bring their own snack, lunch and plenty to drink.

Weeklong Camps


Ages 8-15

11 am – 4 pm

$375 per week

Intermediate Camps

(must know how to walk, trot and canter and have taken a minimum of 3 months of weekly riding lessons)

Week 1: June 22nd- 25th

Week 2: July 13th-16th

Week 3: August 3rd- 6th

Day Camps: $95 per Camper

June 26th

July 17th

August 7th


Advance Camps

(must know how to walk, trot and canter in a group setting and be going over jumps in weekly lessons)

Week 1: June 29nd- July 2nd

Week 2: July 20th- 23rd

Week 3: August 10th- 13th

Day Camps: $95 per Camper

July 3rd

July 24th

August 14th


A Few Things to Keep In Mind:

  • Please make sure your child qualifies before registering for an intermediate or advance camp. If you register for an inappropriate level camp we will contact you and unregister your child.
  • Due to staffing commitments there are no refunds after 14 days prior to camp start date
  • Camps will be limited to 5 riders per week
  • Camps fill quickly, so register early!
  • Sorry no makeups for missed days
  • Please, drive slowly through our neighborhood, children are at play
  • Before and After Care is available beginning at 8 am and ending at 5 pm

Virtual Animal Adventure Camp

Let Double J Riding Club bring the fun right to your home! Campers will learn about all aspects of life on the farm including: animals, insects, plants, and soil. Each camper will receive a Camp Kit packed full of everything they need to attend virtual camp with us on Zoom. There will be up to 10 campers to every camp counselor and the children will be led through two hours of camp fun every day for the full 5 days.

Some of the activities they will enjoy during the week include learning and meet and greets with our animals, science experiments, art classes, games, and so much more!

Prepare to be immersed in agriculture through a variety of hands on activities and play!

This 5 day, 2 hour day camp is filled with everything an animal and nature lover would dream of!

Each Week Long Camp Includes:

-Weeklong Virtual Camp

-Camp Kit With All Materials For Camp

-Camp Activity Book

-At Home Activity Book Packed Full with Fun Activities Campers Can Do Outside of Camp

-Double J Coloring Book

-Private Riding Lesson Voucher good for 1 year ($60 Value)

Campers can pick up their camp kits 48 hours prior to camp or have them delivered (or) mailed for a small fee!


Ages 5-13
$150 for 5 day week

​Morning Camp: 10 AM - 12 PM

Afternoon Camp: 1 PM - 3 PM

Join us this summer ONLINE for our one of a kind Animal Adventure Camp!

Best. Summer. Ever.

What Animals Can You Find At Our Farm?

Horses, Goats, Sheep, Pigs, Miniature Zebu Cows, Chickens, Ducks, Mule, Dogs, Cats, African Spurred Tortoises, Bunnies, Guinea Pigs, Chinchillas, Skinny Pig, Serama Chickens, Rats, Tree Frog, Chameleon, Bullfrog, Gecko, Hedgehogs, Patagonian Mara, Snake, Blue Tongue Skink, Axolotls, and More!

2020 Week Long Virtual Summer Camp Dates

Week 1: May 25th- 29th

Week 2: June 1st- 5th

Week 3: June 8th- 12th

Week 4: June 15th- 29th

Week 5: June 22nd- 26th

Each Week Includes Slightly

Different Activities for Campers Who 

Want to Enjoy Multiple Weeks!

Double J Riding Club "Summer Camp" shirt.

Camp T-Shirts

Purchase a one of a kind Double J Riding Club 2020 Camp T-shirt when you sign up for camp!



What will I need to participate?
All virtual camps will take place on Zoom. Prior to camp start day you will need to create a Zoom account (completely free) and make sure you have a working computer, tablet or smart phone with a camera and mic attached to it.

What supplies are needed for camp?
Double J will supply all campers with a full kit packed filled with everything they will need for camp. Just make sure they are ready to go at camp start time and have a clean area to work in.

How do we get the kits?
All kits will be ready for curbside pick up at the Double J Riding Club farmhouse the Friday prior to the camp start date. If you can not pick up your kit Double J can deliver kits within a 20 mile radius for an additional $10. If you live outside the 20 mile radius Double J can mail kits to all campers for an additional $20.

How can we schedule the private riding lesson?

To schedule your private riding lesson please contact us at or 708-528-4674. Please remember you have 1 year to schedule your lesson.

How many campers will be in each group?

Our virtual camps will have a maximum of 10 campers per group to guarantee the highest level of engagement. If more than 10 campers sign up for a particular week we will split the group up. If you wish to be in the same group as a family member or friend please let us know ahead of time by emailing us at

If you have any other questions please contact us today!

Virtual Birthday Parties

Virtual Birthday Parties

Practically Perfect for ages 3 and Up!

Starting at just

Total length of party – 45 minutes

Don’t let social distancing get in the way of celebrating birthday’s this year.  Double J Riding Club has been helping children celebrate their special day for over 20 years.  We are not stopping now!!  Your child will get to see and interact with their friends, and our animals, through an online network.  Our Animal Caregivers will guide them through a 40 minute farm tour of both our inside and outside animals focused on animals pre-selected by the birthday celebrant.  Then, our animals will lead the group in singing Happy Birthday to your child.


Starting Price (1-5 Kids): $25

$5 per each additional child



Click below for our fun-filled party add-ons!

We can add-on one of the following craft/party favor options to make the day really special.  These prepackaged no fuss kits can be picked up days in advanced to be distributed by the party host, or we can deliver within a 10 miles radius for an additional fee of $5.00 per person.  Our party coordinator will spend an additional 30 minutes guiding the guests in completing the craft.


Fairy Garden
Perfect for your fairy loving child

Perfect for your fairy loving child.

Guests and the party girl will each receive a party kit containing the following:

1 - Fairy Garden Kit – includes everything you need to make a beautiful fairy garden  –

Bowl, Moss, Sand, Stones, Large House, Fairy, 2 small decorations, 2 trees

1 – Set of Fairy wings with matching headband and wand

1 – Gift Bag with 3 small gifts, Double J Riding Club coloring book, and 2 pieces of candy (gifts and candy can differ from bag to bag)

1 – Birthday crown for B-Day Girl

Cost - $25 per person

Princess Party
Perfect for your birthday princess!

Guests and party girl will each receive a party kit containing the following:

1 – Ceramic Horse paint kit – includes everything you need to paint a beautiful ceramic horse.

1 – Set of princess crown and wand

1 – Gift Bag with 3 small gifts, Double J Riding Club coloring book and 2 pieces of candy (gifts and candy can differ from bag to bag)

1 – Birthday crown for B-Day Girl

Cost - $20 per person

Young Rembrandt's Party
Perfect for a co-ed group of art lovers!

Guests and party person will each receive a party kit containing the following:

1 – Paint Pour Kit in handy carrying case (includes, paint, canvas panels, tarp, gloves, cups and sticks)

1 – Gift Bag with 3 small gifts, Double J Riding Club coloring book and 2 pieces of candy (gifts and candy can differ from bag to bag)

1 – Birthday Chair Decoration for birthday honoree.

Cost - $20 per person

Creepy Crawlers
Perfect for kids who love Slime!

Guests and party person will each receive a party kit containing the following:

1 – Volcano Kit (including

1 – Gift Bag with 3 small gifts, Double J Riding Club coloring book and 2 pieces of candy (gifts and candy can differ from bag to bag)

1 – Birthday Chair Decoration for birthday honoree.

Cost - $20 per person

Who wants to be a Cowboy/Cowgirl Party
Perfect for horse lovers of all ages!

Guests and party person will each receive a party kit containing the following:

1 – How to Draw a Horse- Picture Frame Craft (includes paint, picture frame etc)

1 – Gift Bag with 3 small gifts, Double J Riding Club coloring book and 2 pieces of candy (gifts and candy can differ from bag to bag)

1 – Birthday Chair Decoration for birthday honoree.

Cost - $15 per person

Interested in booking?!

Contact us to schedule today!



Online Girl Scout Workshops

Girl Scout Online Workshops:

Join us on Zoom for online girl scout workshop badges! Each workshop is 1 hour long and is priced at $5 per scout (5 person minimum). Contact us at to schedule an online workshop today!



-Animal Adventure-

Throughout this online badge your troop will work on elements of the 5 Flowers, 4 Stories, 3 Cheers for Animals Journey. In this Journey, Girl Scout Daisies will learn to care for animals and for themselves, use their new knowledge and creativity to teach others how to care for animals and gain courage and confidence in teaching others about animal care. Daisies will learn about our Farmhouse full of pets, including hedgehogs, guinea pigs, serama chickens, pet rats, tortoises, chinchillas, blue tongue skink, rabbits, lizards, axolotls, snakes, zebra finches and more. Daisies will then learn to relax by doing some fun animal yoga. 




This outing will teach Girl Scouts what they should know about owning and caring for a pet. Activities include a discussion on the basic requirements of pets, pet nutrition, pet health and safety, and communication. Each scout will also make their own pet budget. Brownies will learn about our Farmhouse full of pets, including hedgehogs, guinea pigs, serama chickens, pet rats, tortoises, chinchillas, blue tongue skink, rabbits, lizards, axolotls, snakes, zebra finches and more.



Come learn all about how bugs help us in lots of cool ways in a 1 hour Bugs Badge Workshop! Did you know worms can help us reduce waste and make super soil for plants to grow in? Come check out our working worm farm and learn about how worms have been to space and can even sniff out diseases! Girl Scouts will have an online meet and greet with all Double J’s happy bugs. They will also learn about different patterns of butterfly wings and design their own. 

              Materials Needed: Color Pencils 

-Farm Painting-

Get inspired to create a fabulous art project while using tools other than paint brushes. Our inhouse artist will work step by step with each scout on how to create a beautiful reverse horse or rooster painting to showcase in their home. 

             Materials Needed: Printer Paper, Pencil, Sharpie, Paint (any colors work), Q-tips, Picture Frame                            (8×10 preferred)

            Optional Materials: Sponge, Feather, Stick, Cotton Ball, Toilet Paper Tube


-Home Scientist-

Participate in some incredible experiments during this one hour workshop. Scouts will learn all about the scientific method while creating different experiments with us online from home. 

            Materials Needed: Vinegar, Baking Soda, Corn or Spaghetti Pasta, Egg, Water, Salt 

            Optional Materials: Food Coloring


-Household Elf-

Learn all about how to save energy and water while making your very own goal sheet. Learn how easy and beneficial it is to compost and recycle. Make an all natural cleaner to use to clean your house. 

           Materials Needed: Vinegar, Water, Lemon or Orange Rind, Rosemary Sprigs, Spray Bottle or                                                Mason Jar



-Animal Habitats-

Visit different animal habitats around the farm from home while learning just what each animal needs to be healthy, safe and comfortable. Learn all about animal classification and endangered species. Work together to figure out the best ways to clean up an oil spill.

           Materials Needed: Bowl or Pan, Water, Oil (Any kind of cooking oil)



Have fun with plants! In this workshop we will explore the Double J garden from home, learn how worms make gardens happen, step back into history as we learn about victory gardens, and learn basic garden care. Scouts will work together to design their dream garden based on our hardiness zone. 



Travel on a virtual tour around Double J to learn all about different flowers throughout the farm. Learn all about the different parts of a flower and how flowers can be healers. Learn about the flower root system through a fun science experiment. Send letters to each other using the language of flowers. 



Learn all about the history of the camera and see a variety of different cameras and lenses through this online workshop. Scouts will learn exactly how to set up a camera and helpful photography tips in order to take the best photo. 

           Materials Needed: Digital Camera Recommended but not Needed



-Animal Helpers-

Explore the farm from home while discussing the various connections between animals and humans. Learn about how people’s feelings about certain animal species have changed over time, see amazing animal adaptations up close, learn how animals can help people emotionally and physically and make predictions about how animals can help humans in the future.


Ways to Help During COVID-19

Dear Double J Friends,

We are into our third week of our social distancing/stay at home effort and we are still trying to adjust to a new way of life.  We have been trying hard to keep connected by using Facebook Live, every day, in hopes of giving everyone a little bit of “Double J” love.  While we’re grateful for our health and those of our staff, there are still feelings of loss associated with this isolation. We certainly miss our students, but agree that everyone’s health is the priority.


As I write this update, I have to express how blessed and grateful we are for all of the love and support from so many of our current and past customers and friends. Daily, we hear from so many people expressing how much they love Double J and what it has meant to them to be part of our community.

 “We can’t thank you enough for the joy you bring to our daughter”;  “Thank you for making such a difference in our daughters life”; “The community you have created for your riders is phenomenal”;  “Sending positive thoughts and good wishes”.

These are just some of the personal and uplifting messages we have been receiving.  To all of those people and those of you not mentioned, we appreciate you and are sincerely grateful.

Even though our doors are closed, our hard working animal caregivers are still here, making sure our animals are well fed and exercised.  This presents us with an extremely challenging situation as the cost of feeding and care of our animals without income is insurmountable. In order to overcome this problem, we have come up with a few ways you can help.

Sponsorship – Double J is running a sponsorship program to help subsidize feeding all of our animals.  You can choose your favorite horse, goat, sheep, chinchilla, guinea pig or other animal. Even Butters is available for sponsorship!!  You will receive a sponsorship certificate, animal photos and more. Not only do these help us tremendously, but they make great gifts (for Easter or Birthday) too!!  No matter how large or small your budget is, there is an animal that can be sponsored.

Sponsorship Link:

Food/Scrap Drop-off – We are happy to take donations of food or food scraps of vegetables and fruits for the small animals.  We have set up a large cooler by the front door of the farm house. Any food/food scraps can be dropped off in the cooler. These are used to feed the pigs, ducks, chickens, rabbits, goats, tortoises and many indoor animals.

Horse Cookies – Our horses (and even the other farm animals) love these!!  If you are looking for a fun way to connect with the farm animals why not bake them some cookies.  You can drop them off at the farm house in the cooler by the front door. We will then deliver them to the horses during our Facebook live sessions.  If you leave a letter of who the cookies were made from, we are happy to share during the daily live session.

We’re also working hard on keeping connected with all of our customers through our Facebook Page, as I mentioned, we are doing a Facebook Live tour every day.  In addition, we are now offering some great classes on Zoom. We encourage you to check those out! Beginning soon, we will also be sending out some riding e-lessons.  Rest assured, we are working hard here to make sure you can stay connected, in any way we can. If you have any additional suggestions on what we could do, please reach out. We would love to hear from you.

Class Signup Link:

Hopefully this will give you some ideas on how you can help during the shutdown.  Again, we are so grateful for any way you can contribute. Have a blessed Easter.

Thanks from all of us at Double J.

A Note From Butters


Hello! Butters the Barn Cat here, speaking on behalf of the Double J Riding Club, on account of the fact that no one knows more about what’s going on around here better than I do. I’m so knowledgeable about every aspect of this farm that I taught a portion of our home school equine science class last week. (BTW, it’s never too late to register for any of home school classes for a prorated tuition).

We have a fun fairy garden workshop coming up on January 25th from 10-noon. Each participant will create their own tiny world to take home (while enjoying light snacks and beverages) and finish up the event with a farm tour. Register now, spots are limited. The link to sign up is below.

Join us for horse or animal adventure camp on on President’s Day, February 17th, from 10-3 (with available before and after care). If they have half as much fun as they did in camp this Monday it will be a real hoot! We will keep your kids engaged, get them some fresh air and exercise as well as sneaking in some education. They will love it! You can find more info below. 

Tiny Animal Adventure and Junior Farmer classes are learning all about nocturnal animals this week. Which is definitely me as I like to get a good 10 hour nap in during the day.

Parents’ Night Out is very popular here at the farm, but Parents’ Night Out on Valentine’s Day is BEYOND popular, so sign up now to ensure your kids get a spot. They will play games, meet the animals, make crafts, eat a great dinner and make new friends from 6-9pm. This event is perfect for ages 4-12 years old. I hear down the grapevine there is also one coming up this Friday, January 24th. Link below. 

This weekend I was introduced to some new furry and not so furry friends. My friends list is getting pretty large and now I can add a snake, blue tongue skink, skinny pig, rooster, rats and water turtles to the list! Stop by one of our classes and I bet you will get to meet them! Turns out the less fur they have the sweeter they get.

That’s it for me this week, until we speak again, don’t let anyone touch your belly,  

Butters the Barn Cat

A Note From Butters


Happy New Year!!!!

Butters the Barn cat here to wish all of our friends (both two and four legged) a Happy and Healthy 2020! January is a big month for us at Double J.  We will mark our 20th Anniversary which for a cat is a lifetime!! Since I was not here 20 years ago, my mom sat down with me today and showed me pictures of Double J Riding Club from January 2000.  Boy, have things changed!!

Looking back at these last two decades I am so purrrr-oud of what we have accomplished.  This is proof that you should follow your dreams (no matter how crazy they may seem) because with hard work and the right team, great things can happen!!  We have so many to thank for this success – the phenomenal people who have shared their talents teaching and working hard to create a “one of a kind” safe learning environment for animal and nature lovers, the animals who taught us how to be compassionate and kind, and the children and adults who have believed in us and took time out of their busy lives to be part of our Double J family. We truly appreciate all of your love and support and hope you can find some time to join us on our ongoing adventures in 2020.

Next week in Tiny Animal Adventures (18 months to 4 years) and Junior Farmers (3 to 6 years) we will be learning all about taking care of pets. Planned activities include making guinea pig treats, cleaning a hermit crab habitat, brushing rabbits, growing cat grass and gathering eggs from the hen house. 

Tiny Animal Adventures runs Mondays and Wednesdays from 10-11 am and Junior Farmers takes place on Tuesday and Thursday from 9:30-10:30.

Check out our options for families that home school in 2020! We just added courses in horticulture, photography and mixed media art, as well as the existing classes in equine science, animal science and STEM science.

Hey Moms!!!  Looking for a new way to tone up this year???  Did you know that horseback riding provides many benefits, mentally and physically? We have openings for private lessons for moms, during the day while the kids are at school, in January and February. It’s a great cardiovascular exercise, good for strengthening core muscles, it provides a break from the non-stop activities/things you do for other people, adds some fun and excitement, a well-deserved break from the day-to-day. Horseback riding can be exercise, viewed as self-care and can help you pass on the patience, respect and discipline you learn while riding to your kids. There’s nothing like connecting with a horse.

That’s it for me this week, keep your fur clean and grab a nap in the sun.

This is Butters, signing off!

Winter 2020 Home School Semester

Winter 2020 Home School Semester Information is up and we have some incredible classes to offer your children this year! Classes begin week of January 13th and run to the week of March 16th.

Double J offers a variety of Home School programs that focus on teaching children skills that nurture a reverence for life, care-taking of both animals and the environment, learning about sustainable agriculture and creating a strong sense of community. Activities are hands on, teach a variety of socially responsible and environmentally friendly lessons and provide city kids an opportunity to get down and dirty on the farm.

Programs run Fall – Spring and are open to children from Kindergarten-12th grade

Class options:
Tiny Animal Adventures – Ages 18mo- 4yrs
Junior Farmers – Ages 3-6 yrs
Equine Science – Ages 7-14 yrs
Animal Science: Habitats – Ages 6-10 yrs
STEM Science (Chemistry & Genetics/Evolution) – Ages 10-15 yrs
Horticulture – Ages 7-14 yrs
Introduction to Digital Photography – Ages 8-18 yrs
Mixed Media Art- Ages 8-18 yrs

More Information, Prices and To Sign Up Click Here!

Meet our Instructors Here!

Complete Winter 2020 Semester Pamphlet Here!

Santa feeding animals with some children

A Note From Butters

December 10th Weekly Newsletter

It’s me, Butters, and I hope your winter coat is thick and lustrous this time of year, just like mine.

Whooo, this winter weather!

Last week was pretty quiet down on the farm, a great week for decorating for Christmas, so I’m setting a goal for how many ornaments I can break with my tail this month. I’m not going to share how many, but it’s definitely double digits.

This weekend we have a gift wrapping workshop and an encore wreath making class. Last Saturday’s wreath class was so much fun we decided to add a second one!

Henrietta is of course invited again to both workshops. Although I do not know why they didn't ask me to join!

We added Parents Night Out nights this coming Friday and next Friday too, for those of you that have holiday parties or shopping to do. The evening starts at 6 PM and goes to 9PM and is perfect for ages 4-12.

Next week’s Junior Farmers and Tiny Animal Adventures classes are all about Hibernation, which is a topic I can get on board with! Kids will definitely get some hedgehog time in!

There’s a lot of talk about fun activities and crafts being planned for Winter Break Riding Camp and Animal Adventure Camp, which runs from December 19th to January 3rd from 10 am to 3 pm (with available before and after care). Seems like a great way to tire out your kittens,

I mean human children, during a long winter’s break.

Last thing- Santa is coming to the farm on Friday, December 13th and Sunday, December 15th. You won’t want to miss this much loved event. I love that guy. He always brings me the catnip I like.

That’s everything happening at Double J Riding Club this week.

This is Butters, signing off!