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Learning At Home Schedule

Learning At Home Classes

Sign up today for Double J Riding Club’s Learning at Home Classes. Each class will be taught by one of our instructors through the Zoom app. These fun and educational e-learning classes are the perfect way to spend your time at home!

Programs focus on teaching children skills that nurture a reverence for life, care-taking of both animals and the environment, learning about sustainable agriculture and creating a strong sense of community. 

How e-learning classes works: To view details about each weeks topics and to sign up click on the below link. Your web-browser will open to a page by active with the list of classes for this week and next. To view more details about that weeks topic click the “view more details button” under the class you are interested in. Once registered you will receive an email with the link to the classroom portal as well as the pdfs for that class. At the classroom start time you will click the link and will enter into the e-learning class. Please make sure you have a working computer with a mic and camera on it.

Click Here for Each Weeks Topic and To Sign Up!

Classes Offered 

-Equine Science: Instructed by Cece Grisolia 

*Offered Wednesdays from 10:30-11:15 am (Ideal for grades 1st-8th)

Students in this course will gain a strong understanding of horsemanship through readings, hands on demonstrations, and journaling. During this educationally rich science program, students will learn: how horses move, their anatomy, horse’s jobs, horse’s gaits, their wants and needs, proper care, horse history and more!

The journal resource is PACKED with interactive pages that will allow students to travel through horse and human history, record what they’ve learned, complete breed profiles, understand equestrian vocabulary and more!

-Ecology: Animals and Habitats: Instructed by Cece Grisolia 

*Offered Tuesdays from 12-12:45 pm (Ideal for grades 1st- 4th)

Does your child have a love and interest for animals and their environment?!

Students in this course will gain a strong understanding about habitats and the animals and plant life that call them home! The class will be enhanced through readings, hands-on-animal demonstrations, experiments, observations, and journaling. This entire semester will focus on the Rainforest.

-Experimental Science: Instructed by Cece Grisolia 

*Offered Wednesdays from 1:45-2:30 pm (Ideal for grades 3rd-8th)

Get energized this semester as we learn all about the scientific method. Science experiments are a great way to pique a student’s interest in STEM careers and concepts. Each week students will work through an experiment focused on topics such as Heat, Energy, Light, Electricity and Magnetism.

-Photography: Instructed by Jennifer Michalski

*Offered Tuesdays from 10:30-11:15 am (Ideal for grades 4th-12th)

Get to know your camera with this class as we explore the basic fundamentals of photography. Throughout the semester we will master camera lenses, lightning, portrait techniques, landscapes and much more! Each class will include indoor and outdoor photo shoots assignments, class critiques and post processing tips.

  • Class Requirement: Digital SLR Camera
  • Light Room App

-Mixed Media: Instructed by Jennifer Michalski

*Offered Thursdays from 10:30-11:15 am (Ideal for grades 4th-12th)

Through different mixed media, students in this course will learn what it takes to be an artist. Each week you will receive the materials needed for that weeks class. You can also pick up already set up kits from the farmhouse curbside. 

-Conservation: Instructed by Cece Grisolia 

*Offered Thursdays from 10:30-11:15 am (Ideal for grades 3rd-8th)

Conservation Science focuses on how to protect and restore biodiversity (the diversity of life on Earth).  To preserve biodiversity, scientists must answer three general questions:
1.  How is the diversity of life distributed around the planet;
2.  What threats does this diversity face? and
3) What can people do to reduce or eliminate these threats?
Join us as we explore why conservation is important and learn ways you can conserve and protect the planet.

-Tiny Animal Adventures: Instructed by Amanda Thomsen

*Offered Fridays from 10 -10:45 am (Ideal for ages 18 months-6 years)

Join us as we learn all about animals, agricultural, science, and nature as we explore the farm grounds, learn all about the animal of the week, listen to an animal-centric story, create a fun craft (with supplies found around the house), participate in Farm Yoga, play various games and more!


Apr 07 - 18 2020


8:00 am - 5:00 pm