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Girl Scout Palooza

Girl Scout Palooza

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Throughout this 3 hour event scouts will rotate through 3 activities earning requirements for badges. 

Games, crafts, animal encounters and hands on activities will all be geared towards girl scout badge requirements.


When? Saturdays from 9-12

Daisies: February 29th

Brownies: March 7th

Juniors: March 14th

Cost- $25 per scout includes a Double J Riding Club Badge

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Come to Double J Riding Club and earn the 5 Flowers, 4 Stories, 3 Cheers for Animals Journey (usually a 3 to 7 meeting badge). In this Journey, Girl Scout Daisies will learn to care for animals and for themselves, use their new knowledge and creativity to teach others how to care for animals and gain courage and confidence in teaching others about animal care. Where better to learn about animal care than on our 6 acre farm just outside of Chicago. Daisies will learn about our Farmhouse full of pets, including guinea pigs, Serama chickens, pet rats, baby turtles, chinchillas, rabbits, lizards, axolotls, zebra finches and more. 

Daisies will create their own salt-dough exotic pet and habitat to take home and care for.


Brownies attending this GirlScoutaPalooza can earn 3 badges of their choice from the following options:

  • The Bugs badge will teach Brownies the difference between bugs and true insects. We will spend time getting to know the insects that live on the farm; blue death-feigning beetles, giant centipede, hissing cockroaches, crickets and red wriggler worms.  Brownies will create seed bombs filled with milkweed seeds to create habitats for Monarch butterflies. 
  • For the Pets badge, Brownies will learn about caring for pets, discuss requirements for keeping pets safe, healthy and comfortable and bond with animals, making them feel loved. Brownies will work as a team to make a cat bed for Butters, our farm cat and craft their own take-home dog treats. 
  • Brownies will need to come dressed for the weather for this indoor/outdoor class. The Outdoor Adventurer badge will teach Brownies how to play outdoors in new ways, how to explore nature safely and learn to care for the outdoors. Brownies will create a pollinator hotel as a group and go on a farm scavenger hunt. 
  • The Home Scientist badge will teach Brownies to craft their own play dough, create a volcanic eruption, learn about static electricity and make their own ice cream as a group. Brownies will also make and learn the science behind bath bombs.


Junior Girl Scouts can choose to earn 3 of the badges below during this event. 

Each scout will be awarded a Double J Riding Club fun badge, Girl Scouts badges must be purchased separately. 

For the Animal Habitats badge, Juniors will learn about wild animals, their habitats and ecosystems. Juniors will understand more about animals native to northern Illinois, as well as protected and invasive species and help to create a pollinator garden here at the farm. 

When girls have earned the Digital Photographer badge, they will know how to use a digital camera to create one-of-a-kind photos, Juniors will use their new skills to set up and photograph their own flat lays. 

Product Designer- Junior Girl Scouts will learn what makes a great product, be innovation detectives, figure out what works and what doesn’t, as well as work together to find new solutions. Juniors will learn that making mistakes is the best way to innovate. 

For the Gardener badge, Juniors will learn about and taste fresh herbs, learn basic houseplant care, start some vegetable seeds to take home and learn how worms make gardens happen.


Feb 05 2020


8:00 am - 5:00 pm