Farm Outings

Classes are offered onsite

At Double J Farm, we offer classes that are meaningful to a variety of audiences.

Our Community Trip classes allow individuals to socialize, learn about and interact with our animals, create a themed craft, assist grooming and playing with the animals and even cook for the animals!

We have a lovely indoor Farm house stocked with animals such as: rabbits, chickens, hamsters, Patagonian Cavy, chinchillas, guinea pigs, and more!

This class can provide an opportunity for individuals to:

  • Develop/improve communication and motor skills,
  • Practice empathetic and nurturing skills,
  • Provide comfort and enjoyment

Our one-of-a-kind Community Trip classes allow for indoor and outdoor exploratory activities lead by an energetic and welcoming staff!

Cost starts at
only $10.00 per person

A young child wearing a crafted mask.
Contact Nicole to book the PERFECT outing for your group!
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